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Published Aug 24, 2016
[Blue Topic] When it comes to dungeons and raids in World of Warcraft: Legion, launch on August 30 is just the beginning. Here’s a list of dates to look forward to as Azeroth fights off a demonic invasion.Tuesday, August 30–When Legion i...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Published Aug 24, 2016
Published Aug 24, 2016
Published Aug 24, 2016
Published Aug 24, 2016
Published Aug 24, 2016
Published Aug 24, 2016
Published Aug 24, 2016
Published Aug 24, 2016

Time to plan foir next expansion.  check threads and post info

Heroic Arch Run?

meshugge a posted Jun 4, 16

Our COOP run guild - Running with Scissors on Executus - is planning a Heroic Arch kill ay 7:30 Eastern on Tuesday.  If I am not traveling I intend to be there - you can whisper me by 7:15 and I will try to get you in.  If I am not there, please use the procedures outlined in the Coop Thread and whisper propschick (guild Lead) for an invite.

Piranox Ooooh, cool! I'll be there.

Coop Mythic HC raid

meshugge a posted May 5, 16

If you haven't been reading Forum posts recently, shame on you!  Check our thread on Coop runs.

We have a potentially-regular Coop raid with an off-server Guild doing progression on HC Mythic.  They need 4-5 good players (and we have them), so please show up if interested (and post on thread if you are coming).  They run Mythic on Mondays/Thursday @8:00 server time; may also do full Heroic clears on Sundays, but still getting that information.

Ideally you should have 710+ gear level, but we might be able to fit you in if you are lower.

Please check Forum thread for how to contact the other Guild if I am not online.

meshugge a Coop Raid tonight at 8:30 pull time
meshugge a Further update in Member thread - Mythic schedule is 8:30-11:00pm Mondays and Fridays
meshugge a UPDATE: No Co-op raids this week (week of May 9)

Yup!  It's official.

I suggest we start re-grouping in early August so we can compare notes on the Beta and plan our new raid group.  We shoyld also do some serious recruiting during July and August.

So, Fearless Leader (a/k/a Flip) has brought up the idea of getting together in Pennsylvania to see the Warcraft movie when released.  I'm in!  Anyone else?

Nole Yeah I'm interested.
Trimrac a I live in PA, I am definatley interested
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I guess we cancelled today?
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