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[Blue Topic] After he recently visited Blizzard to interview World of Warcraft Assistant Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, we were thrilled to spend a little time talking to community leader and all-around beloved personality Jesse Cox.Befo...
Published May 28, 2016
[Blue Topic] Please use this thread to ask questions related to how things work, mechanically (ie, for your theorycrafting projects). We sometimes leave out information that would be important to your modeling, in order to keep things un...
Published May 28, 2016
I've been reporting this since beta started, but 2 patches later here we are. So I'm going tot ry and report it here, in hopes of getting actual action about the issue.An NPc required for the Demon Hunter quest "Deal with it Personally",...
Published May 28, 2016
The Helheim quest NPC has disappeared and their are several of us in here just standing around. Not the first time seeing a quest NPC disappear....
Published May 28, 2016
The Suramar quest starter from the Adventure Guide seems to be broken, for more than just me, multiple people on my guild are reporting this problem. We can click the button like 1000 times and still won't give the quest....
Published May 28, 2016
Camera centered above the character so you have to look down on them or they are out of view. When moving forward, camera zooms so far back you can no longer see your character. Sometimes forcing the camera view through the terrain. Guil...
Published May 27, 2016
I guess the Horde is not prepared to move on from this quest lolIt is bugged. No one can eat.We;re all starving.Help!...
Published May 27, 2016
I havent been able to log into the beta in 3 day. It says connecting, then that I have been disconnected with error code in title. anyone know whats going on? Got some online chat support and cleared cache, ran as admin. no luck....
Published May 27, 2016
[Blue Topic] The Warcraft movie soundtrack is now available for pre-order. Take this legendary score by Grammy-nominated composer Ramin Djawadi with you wherever you go.Don’t want to wait? You can stream the entire Warcraft soundtrack on...
Published May 27, 2016
[Blue Topic] Please reply to this thread with feedback you have on this specialization in the Legion Beta.This thread and subforum are for class feedback. We may not be attentive to other threads on this subject. Please confine discussio...
Published May 27, 2016

Coop Mythic HC raid

meshugge a posted May 5, 16

If you haven't been reading Forum posts recently, shame on you!  Check our thread on Coop runs.

We have a potentially-regular Coop raid with an off-server Guild doing progression on HC Mythic.  They need 4-5 good players (and we have them), so please show up if interested (and post on thread if you are coming).  They run Mythic on Mondays/Thursday @8:00 server time; may also do full Heroic clears on Sundays, but still getting that information.

Ideally you should have 710+ gear level, but we might be able to fit you in if you are lower.

Please check Forum thread for how to contact the other Guild if I am not online.

meshugge a Coop Raid tonight at 8:30 pull time
meshugge a Further update in Member thread - Mythic schedule is 8:30-11:00pm Mondays and Fridays
meshugge a UPDATE: No Co-op raids this week (week of May 9)

Yup!  It's official.

I suggest we start re-grouping in early August so we can compare notes on the Beta and plan our new raid group.  We shoyld also do some serious recruiting during July and August.

So, Fearless Leader (a/k/a Flip) has brought up the idea of getting together in Pennsylvania to see the Warcraft movie when released.  I'm in!  Anyone else?

Nole Yeah I'm interested.
Trimrac a I live in PA, I am definatley interested

Raiding and Guild Update

meshugge a posted Mar 24, 16

So, looks like we will not be raiding much for the time being - lots of folks chasing RL stuff, and to some extent folks are waiting for the next expansion.

In the meantime, those of you interested in doing Guild things, please make a point of logging in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when you are free.  Maybe we will do some Mythic Dungeons - or maybe some Old School raids and achievements ... things that do not necessarily require a full-size raid group.  Maybe even some stuff with our Alts?

Come with ideas!

We had a brief Guild Meeting last night and have decided to switch up our raiding schedule.  For the next few weeks we will raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (8:45 show-up; 9:00 pull).  But in deference to you Walking Dead fans (and, perhaps, even you Good Wife/Downton Abbery fans, whomever you may be), we will not raid on Sundays.

Let's see how this schedule works for us.  Please show up tonight, since we have some progression to do!


Fufukitty Game of Thrones fans when April hits
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Guys! My bad the last two nights - I mentioned too some of you tha tI would be overseas this week but forgot to post. Back now.
ok, all no-shows again. I guess we're done. Shout if we start up again
late mtg again, omw
so raiding dead till next expac?
I have a hard stop at 10:30, and tomorrow (Weds) is my monthly no-show (or late) day.
I guess we cancelled today?
Stuck I'm mtg; be there ASAP.
Not going make tonight
guys -stuck at a meeting tonight and will be around one hour late ... hoping you do not need me
I can't make it tonight
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