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[Blue Topic] Please see source post at for detail....
Published Aug 27, 2014
[Blue Topic] The following realms were successfully connected today:German Realms(PvE) Proudmoore and Madmortem(PvP) Frostmourne and Nazjatar/Dalvengyr(PvP) Gorgonnash and Nefarian/Nera'thor/Mannoroth/Destromath(RP) Der Mithrilorden and ...
Published Aug 27, 2014
[Blue Topic] Please use this thread to share general impressions and feedback regarding Ashran....
Published Aug 26, 2014
Was the weekly reset not supposed to happen today? The usual daily reset has already happened, I've done a few dailies already. But my valor cap hasn't reset, and neither have my raids. So, am I mistaken, is it not today?...
Published Aug 26, 2014
I'm pretty much always hitting the justice cap having gained everything i need from the latest content.. i recently seen i could spend JP on getting exalted with Wymrest Accord i could buy the awesome red drake mount. It got me thinking ...
Published Aug 26, 2014
[Blue Topic] As we had previously announced, an upgrade has been on the way for all World of Warcraft launchers to change to the desktop app. We’re excited to say that it is finally the time and that as of today, players wil...
Published Aug 26, 2014
Is this the expected behavior when I try to harvest a tree?If I am mounted, I click on a tree and watch the cast bar channel, then the game says "You are Mounted" and the harvest fails, while the tree becomes non-interactive so that I ca...
Published Aug 26, 2014
[Blue Topic] We've opened the first wing of Highmaul Raid Finder (Kargath, Butcher, and Brackenspore) for the weekend. It's quite likely that these encounters are overtuned for the intended audience, but we'll be watching closely to make...
Published Aug 26, 2014
original thread is here's get this going again, guys. I promise to keep my snark to a minimum if you guys do!General Concerns:MM - too slow, not engaging or interactiveSV - everyone...
Published Aug 25, 2014
The NPCs need to stand still when I right-click to talk to them. Trying to set 4 work orders, I'm chasing the NPC all around the workshop! The Enchanting one is particularly annoying since there are two troll ladies there who are identic...
Published Aug 25, 2014

PS if server goes crazy

meshugge a posted Thu at 9:04
Don;t worry if server does something wonky in next few days.  I need to renew our subscription but am overseas (don;t like sending my credit card information from Brazil for somewhat obvious reasons).  All will be better next week.

Yeah- bet I caught your attention with that one.  We are not yet ready to resume raiding, but I wanted to let you know that we are starting to hear back from a number of our regulars about getting back in gear in time for the expansion (which if you have not been paying attention is November 13 - happy early Thanksgiving).

I have already heard from a number of you - Ediot, Flip, Pharm, Panik and Kib included.  I am going to add a thread for folks to let me know if/that they are returning so that we can being planning.

Expect that I will be posting a Sunday "all guild" vent meeting sometime in late September of early October - please stay tuned.

March Madness

meshugge a posted Mar 5, 14
Reminder, folks.

We are taking a "chill break" from progression raiding, but will be starting up again in a few months.  Please post in Forum if you need any information or want to get a group together.
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6 bosses downed last night - more to come tonight!
im not going to be raiding tonight because of the super bowl
Not gonna be on tonight. Watchin Super Bowl. :)
If i get picked to be in the raid tonight, good chance i'll have to leave early like around 10-11
Not gonna be on tonight. Got company over. We watchin "Wrasslin" :p
darn me! lol sorry logged in around 8pm and while waiting for raid time I dozed off on the sofa to wake up at 11pm :-(( my apologies
Do we have a back up tank opp for tonight?
Can't make it for tonight raid. Sorry and good luck.
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