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[Blue Topic] Fun, games, and wondrous sights—the most majestic, magical faire in Azeroth is making an unexpected appearance in Anaheim!If you’re attending this year’s BlizzCon, set aside some time to visit Silas Darkmoon’s enigma...
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Published Oct 13, 2015
[Blue Topic] There’s something about Pepe that has everyone all aflutter, and today we have a bunch more reasons for you to love him.First, we’ve added a Pepe plush to the Blizzard Gear Store! He’s soft, squishy, loveable, and can ...
Published Oct 13, 2015
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Part way through reading this thread I got to the part about "never log in again", a thought suddenly appeared in my mind, I know, I've had many, and shared many here on the forum, b...
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A compilation of 8 druid transmogs that I made, hope you enjoy! :)Check them out here:
Published Oct 12, 2015
[Blue Topic] Congratulations to Purple on earning $10,000 USD, and the title of Americas Hearthstone Champion for 2015!Purple will join Hotform, Nias, and JAB as they travel to the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon in Anaheim, C...
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[Blue Topic] BlizzCon is going to be bustling with activity, but you don’t want to miss out on visiting a real Hearthstone Tavern at the event!Enter the Hearthstone Tavern at BlizzCon and join fellow Hearthstone players young and old a...
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meshugge a posted Wed at 9:06

Folks - we are now going to focus on Heroics, and on Archie (Archimonde-Normal to those of you who are not in personal contact) during our regular progression raids on Tuesday and Sunday nights.  This Sunday we will start from the first boss in Heroics - be there!

If anyone is interested in leading an Alt-Friendly HC - Normal run each week (perhaps Wednesdays), please post a new Thread in Forum so we can figure out how best to support you.  Unless and until we schedule such a Guild run, you are welcome (and, indeed, encouraged) to PUG HC-Normal (with the exception of Archimonde).

Our schedule in any week may change, so please check for announcements before each Tuesday to see whether you can/should PUG or not.


Week of 24th

meshugge a posted Aug 25, 15

We cleared our "usual 9" bosses last week, but need to push forward.  

Time to push.  Be prepared for some heroics.

Trimrac 2 new bosses down on to Mannoroth, Great job Sunday team
meshugge a 7 bosses on Tuesday (shoulda been 8 but still pretty nice!)

WOW - Great raid on Sunday.  3 new boss kills.  Big thanks to Laelan and Nef for tanking (and solaces to Trim for missing the evening).

Monday PVP is still going on - if you PVP, be there.

Tuesday we will go for full clear - perhaps all 9 bosses?  Lots of Loot to be had.

meshugge a six down on Tuesday - looking to repeat last three bosses during first hour on Sunday and move on to progression.

Week of 8/11

meshugge a posted Aug 11, 15

So, fresh kill of Gorefiend last Sunday (my post last week estimated we would have it at 10:08pm but we outperformed and got him down at 9:57PM instead).  And we have Iskar down to 20%.

There has been some discussion whether to continue with Iskar tonight or do a fresh clear.  If you have a view, please post on thread - otherwise we will likely do a fresh clear tonight - BUT may start using lockouts in future weeks in order to push progression.

meshugge a Nice night on Tuesday - 6 bosses downed with only two wipes (both of which were easily avoided). And two good trises on ...

Back on Track

meshugge a posted Aug 5, 15

Sorry for the gap in reporting - but we are back.  Last night (Tuesday) was a quick one-shot for first 5 bosses (all done, with break, in the first 90 minutes), and then an hour of solid progression on Gorefiend.  Actually a little less than an hour - more like 45 minutes - since we took some time to watch the videos.

We made serious progress.  I predict Gorefiend goes down at 10:08pm Sunday (adjusted for actual initial raid pull if different than 9:00pm).  So feel free to post your under/over estimate and let's see what happens.  And make sure you read up on the next boss.

And a big welcome to our guildies who are finally registered on the site.  If you can read this, but see less than 20 different Forums under our Forum page - tha tmeans you do NOT have access.  If you have logged in and your name is on upper-right-corner of the screen, then let me know; if not, then hit APPLY and register.

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