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Folks.  We are taking a break from raiding through Thanksgiving.  Have a great time!

We would like to schedule a Guild meeting for Tuesday, December 1.  The meeting will be in Ventrilo, but please feel free to log into the game so you can read any nasty Guild chat as well.  Meeting will be at 9:00pm and will last for no more than 30 minutes maximum.  PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND.  [This will also be posted in the Game for those who are too lazy to visit our website.)


meshugge a posted Nov 10, 15

Folks - we have a Hellfire Run tonight with a guild from Ysera who will be co-oping with us.  Please try to attend - would like to show that we are a good firend to them.

Coop Runs?

meshugge a posted Nov 8, 15

Guys!  We are looking into a few cross-guild coop runs so that we can get the right number of people togther to have some fun.  If you have friends at a guild and would like to explore this with them, please do so and let me know.  If not, no worires - we are pretty close to arranging one, possibly as soon as this week.


Folks have been dealing with school and other things, but it is time to raid again.  Please make every effort to join us for Heroics Hellfire next Tuesday, Nov. 3.


meshugge a posted Oct 7, 15

Folks - we are now going to focus on Heroics, and on Archie (Archimonde-Normal to those of you who are not in personal contact) during our regular progression raids on Tuesday and Sunday nights.  This Sunday we will start from the first boss in Heroics - be there!

If anyone is interested in leading an Alt-Friendly HC - Normal run each week (perhaps Wednesdays), please post a new Thread in Forum so we can figure out how best to support you.  Unless and until we schedule such a Guild run, you are welcome (and, indeed, encouraged) to PUG HC-Normal (with the exception of Archimonde).

Our schedule in any week may change, so please check for announcements before each Tuesday to see whether you can/should PUG or not.


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